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This is Reading Intervention located in the Safe Room behind the library. Mrs. Barkhimer and Mrs. Tiger pull children from K-4 to work on reading skills. Three times a year all children in K-6th are tested using DIBELS NEXT which is a scientifically-based program. Researchers have found that children who are not prepared for reading are likely to struggle in that area. The test covers Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency.

Phonemic Awareness: the ability to hear changes in words and to manipulate sounds.

Phonics: the ability to apply letter/sound recognition.

Comprehension: understanding what you read.

Vocabulary: knowing the meaning of words especially words with multiple meanings.

Fluency: reading at a rate that brings a high level of understanding.

Children who score below a goal line are considered at risk. We work with these children in small groups in areas of need.  These children are progressed monitored every two weeks; all children every four weeks to be sure there is growth/maintenance.