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Child Find




Seminole County Interlocal Cooperative would like to inform parents of the child find activities to be conducted

throughout the year by the local school districts of Seminole County.  Member schools of the Seminole County

Interlocal Cooperative are:


Bowlegs,           Butner,          Justice,          New Lima,          Paden,          Sasakwa,           Varnum,          Wewoka


With the changing times in education, the Oklahoma State Department of Education would like to inform parents about child find opportunities.

                       “All children with disabilities, residing in the State, whether attending

                       public or private schools, should be identified, located, and evaluated.”

In Oklahoma we require that child find apply to all children who are suspected of having a disability and in need of special education and related services. We want to make everyone aware of this service that is provided to children with disabilities free of charge throughout the State of Oklahoma.

Which Children are we looking for?

Children with problems who are not receiving special education services. This includes children in and out of school. By children, we mean individuals from birth through 21 years of age.

  • If your infant or preschooler is showing signs of developing slowly
  • If your child has a hearing disability that interferes with learning
  • If your child has a speech/language disability that interferes with learning
  • If your child has a physical disability or health problems that interferes with learning

How child find works

If YOU know of a child or children who reside in Seminole County and who may be in need of services contact your local school district or Seminole County Interlocal Cooperative Director, Sammye Davis at 405-944-5530, PO Box 157 Cromwell OK 74837.